Blade bar

בר של בלייד
Blade bar
בר בלייד 2012
הבר של בלייד- כי נוחות זה הכל

blade bar 2012

it’s all in your hands

precision. comfort. control.
The 2011 Blade Bar is designed for maximum control and precision in a simple effective setup. features
dramatically improved durability and precision through a redesign completely utilizing high end plastics
and flexible materials which resist impact, deformation, and won't corrode or breakdown.
The 2011 Blade Bar features the Blade Swivel Dome G3, the third generation of the innovative Blade
Swivel Dome. It combines the features and functionality of a chicken loop, swivel, and a 100% effective
safety release into one fast, efficient mechanism. This proven and refined design is updated for 2011 with
a newly developed plastic composite raising its durability and reliability to exceptional standards of safety.
With one simple gesture, the Blade Swivel Dome G3 instantly releases forces ranging from 5KG to
380KG with minimal effort. Once the quick release is activated, Blade’s Absolute Depower System immediately
causes the kite to lose all power while remaining secured to you by one of the depower lines, ensuring
the safety of both you and your equipment.
Most importantly, the Swivel Dome has been designed to be put back together easily and quickly while in
water. The entire release device remains intact once activated, so there are no parts on the Blade Bar to
For 2012 the Blade Bar gets a redesigned center piece molded out of a single unit of stainless steel to
protect the depower lines from wear and provide smoother control action. The flying lines are also upgraded
to the latest advance in line technology, stretching 50% less than the previous standard.
The new Blade Bar is refined system which inspires confidence by combining comfort and safety with
speed and ease of use, so you can focus on riding.
• substantially increased lower end wind range
• huge hangtime
• extensive depower
• low bar pressure
• direct feel
• Reflex Relaunch system 

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